Is It Trendy To Wear Yellow?

Is Yellow Trendy? The answer is yes!

Is Yellow Trendy? The Answer Is Yes

Is yellow trendy? You might be surprised to learn that In 2020 yellow was one of the top colour trends of the year and it has definitely carried forward right into 2021. I’d say it is one of the biggest colour trends of the season, especially considering that Illuminating Yellow is one of Pantone’s colours of the year!

What Does Yellow Symbolize

During these times everyone is searching for hope to overcome uncertainty, ways to feel energized and ways to find moments of happiness.  Yellow embodies those emotions. 

Illuminating yellow was chosen to symbolize all of that and more.  I don’t think there is a sunnier, brighter or more cheerful colour.

On the other hand, Ultimate Grey is a colour that is timeless.  Every season and every year there are various shades of grey.  It symbolizes strength and dependability. In nature as in fashion it is always there.

But You Don’t Suit Yellow?

Ahhh, there’s always a way!

Yellow is definitely a more challenging colour to wear.  There are so many shades to choose from!  Its just a matter of finding the right one to compliment your skin tone.  Generally speaking, if you have a fair skin tone, mustard yellow or lemon may be the most flattering.  Medium to olive skin tones may suit brighter more vibrant yellows.  And darker skin tones are amazing with any shade of yellow.

What Colours Pair Well With Yellow?

Any neutral looks fabulous with yellow.  White, cream, soft browns, navy, denim, grey and black are perfect choices to style with yellow.

There is a reason Pantone chose two colours of the year.

Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey were chosen because together they express a mood for the colour of the year.  One that we can all relate to.  The need for hope, strength, happiness, certainty, normalcy, vitality, and something to really brighten up our spirit.

 Ultimate Grey is a colour that is timeless.  Every season and every year there are various shades of grey.  It symbolizes strength and dependability.  And in nature as in fashion it is always there.

When In Doubt Go For The Accessories 

If you’re still unsure about about wearing yellow or choosing the right shade, an easy option is to add an accessory such as a scarf, necklace, bracelet, earrings, handbag, belt, shoes, or even shoe laces. If you pair that with grey you’ll have a winning combination and be right on trend. 

You will also have created a colour story that sends a message of strength and a promise for brighter days. 

Here is a perfect example of wearing both grey and yellow together.  This scarf by Sandwich is so lovely.  It’s soft, flowy, and incorporates the perfect balance of grey combined with yellow for an understated, fashionable look. As always accessories can elevate even the most casual of outfits, bringing them to a whole new level.  And the print is so soft, I think it could easily be worn by all skin tones.

The Trapeze Tank by Sympli is so flattering to wear and lovely in this beautiful lemon yellow. Pair it with white, denim, grey, navy or basically any neutral and you’re going to look and feel fabulous!  Check in store for more great styles by Sympli available in this colour.  Of course, we are always happy to special order for you as well!

Our Cotton Country sweater by Parkhurst is a perfect choice anyone wanting to incorporate yellow but not on board with wearing it against their face!  This colour blocked style is comfortable, easy care, and stylish as well.

Not to mention that it’s made in Canada!

You should never be afraid to wear yellow! Summer is almost here, we should brighten it up.

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