Our principal european brand


Sandwich has been presenting their very recognizable collections from their base in Amsterdam since 1981.  With great attention to detail Sandwich’s elevated designs will become mainstays in your wardrobe.

The collections are very harmonious, making countless combinations possible.  There is a finely balanced composition of styles, colours, patterns, fabrics and silhouettes.  From jacket to dress and from blouse to pants, all items can be matched with each other throughout the season.

This is a quality line styled for your everyday lifestyle.

You will keep these pieces over time and pair them with other favourites in your closet to create your own distinct look.  Sandwich’s fabrics and yarns are truly lovely and will always have you looking and feeling your best when wearing them.

Sandwich has a strong following with our Creekside Fashions clientele and we know you are going to love this brand as much as we do!

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