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JellyCat Wistful Polar Bear

This JellyCat Wistful Polar Bear is soft and ready to cuddle! As with all JellyCat animals, it is safe and suitable for all children ages.

JellyCat If I Were an Elf Book

So much cuteness here lol! Lots of different textures for those sweet little hands to explore and she can’t tear the pages!

JellyCat If I Were a Reindeer Book

Add to your JellyCat library with this cute book filled with interactive textures for little fingers to explore!

JellyCat Amuseable Wreath

This soft, plush wreath is the perfect decor for your little one. Cuddle factor included!

JellyCat Amuseable Gingerbread House

This is the coziest, comfiest, cuddliest gingerbread house ever!!! 9” of softness!

Michel Design Works Soy Wax Candle – Spruce

This all-natural candle is hand-poured in a decorative glass container and packaged in a beautiful keepsake gift box. It features a pure spruce fragrance with slight undertones of fruit and spice.